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Tonight on Media 7 – Regulation in the digital age.

When former Justice Minister Simon Power called for a Law Commission review into the regulation of the NZ media in the digital age he described the situation that had grown up in the cyberspace as “a bit like the wild west”.

The then minister voiced his concerns including the ability of websites to publish information which might seriously prejudice jurors, breach suppression orders and perpetuate libel by re-publication.

Power’s concerns and a whole range of other issues have now been dealt with in a discussion paper published this week, The News Media Meets the New Media.

Russell Brown has interviewed the Law Commissioner Professor John Burrows and this week presents his insights, views and suggestions on how the future media landscape might look.

There are some very big questions and some surprising and innovative solutions proposed including the abolition of the Broadcasting Standards Authority in favour of a new regulator, independent of government and the industry which would regulate all media.

The discussion paper also raises thorny questions like, who is or is not a journalist and whether on-line media and blogs can be treated as “journalism”.

Bernard Hickey and Tim Watkin will be joining Russell in the Media7 studio discussing some of the issues raised in the Law Commission paper.

We will also be reporting on the ground-breaking partnership between The Guardian and the London School of Economics which aims to provide insights into the minds of the thousands who took part in the riots in Britain which Prime Minister David Cameron sought to blithely dismiss as, “criminality pure And simple”.

 Media7 is recorded in front of a live audience at the Auckland University of Technology TV Studio (Corner of Governor Fitzroy and St. Paul’s Streets in Central Auckland.

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