Documentaries - Religion

  • Hallelujah Healing

    In this documentary we meet people who practice faith healing and those who come to be cured.

  • Inspiration TV

    Inspirational TV is a journey through New Zealand communities to celebrate stories of faith, hope and community – and share stories of people who find good in the everyday.

  • Last Western Heretic

    The Last Western Heretic is a timely and enthralling insight into the ideas and philosophies of the New Zealander described by the BBC as “the last living heretic”.

  • Leaving The Exclusive Brethren

    Leaving the Exclusive Brethren presents true stories of individuals and families who have fallen from grace and been excommunicated from the Exclusive Brethren.

  • Sisters Of The River

    The Sisters of Compassion are the only indigenous religious order in New Zealand.