Health & Medicine

  • ADHD: Out of Control Kids

    We give viewers a first hand look at the reality of dealing with children who can barely interact with family members, let alone other children or the public at large.

  • AIDS and Drugs

    The fastest route for the transmission of the aids virus is through needle sharing by drug users. This video looks at the issues surrounding AIDS and drug use in two parts.

  • AIDS and Love

    Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, internationally acclaimed for her work with terminally ill people, speaks about her involvement with AIDS children.

  • AIDS Babies

    Presented by Leeza Gibbons, AIDS Babies is a powerful documentary that looks behind the statistics to the moving reality of these children and the people who care for them.

  • AIDS in the Community

    AIDS has spread into the heterosexual population in western countries. Dick Johnstone, one of New Zealand’s most experienced aids counsellors, discusses the issues of illness and wellness, bisexuality, women with HIV infection, self-esteem and identity.

  • Austism Life Among Strangers

    Autism: Life Among Strangers is a documentary that looks at this little understood and rapidly increasing disability. The Henderson family’s youngest child has autism. Dale Henderson acted like any other child until he was about 18 months old. Then he began a slow withdrawal into himself. He stopped interacting and started to do bizarre things.

  • Bodywise

    Body Wise is a process-driven consumer health series featuring medical procedures such as breast implants and vasectomies.

  • Dying for a Smoke

    In an age where smoking is becoming increasingly frowned upon, banned and distasteful, there’s one sector of our community where evidence suggests the message isn’t getting through fast enough: 31% of Maori deaths are due to cigarette smoking 46% of Maori are regular smokers compared to 21% of non-Maori

  • Favourite Body Parts

    Favourite Body Parts is a revealing and seductive look at our attachment to our attachments (and other peoples!). A celebration of what we, the human animal, find attractive about each other.

  • Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat

    Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat is a two part programme examining the twin obsessions of western society – food and fat.

  • Food To Die For

    Food poisoning is rife in New Zealand – 119,000 people experienced the debilitating effects in 2001 alone. Wellington, the capital city, has the dubious distinction of being the campylobacter capital of the developed world. In this target special the team gets to the bottom of the food poisoning epidemic.

  • House Of Hope

    In this documentary we move into the Ronald McDonald house where parents of seriously ill children can stay with their families while their child receives treatment at Auckland’s Starship Hospital and meet some of the families living there.

  • I Want To Die At Home

    In May 1988 Elizabeth died after a long battle with cancer of the liver. Her death was not unique, every year people die of cancer.

  • John Of God - Healer Or Hoaxer

    For nearly 30 years, millions of sick and disabled people have visited the tiny village of Abadiania in remote, central brazil to see a man some call the most powerful spiritual healer since Jesus – and others call a charlatan. This man is John of God.

  • Mental Breakdown

    One in five New Zealanders suffer from some form of mental illness. Since the 1970’s there has been a movement away from institutional care in favour of treatment in the community. Gone are the days when mental illness was regarded as a stigma and the mentally ill were kept locked away and treated as second class citizens.

  • Nurses - Coping And Caring

    This documentary is a moving tribute to the many unsung heroes and heroines of the nursing profession.

  • Nurses - Hope And Heartbreak

    Nurses: Hope And Heartbreak reveals the difficulties and rewards of nursing.

  • Our Dirty Little Secret

    Our Dirty Little Secret focuses on the Angland family – an average young kiwi family – two parents and three children. We follow them over the course of a single day – at work, at school, on the road, at home and at play.

  • Sperm Wars

    An ever increasing number of men are being found to be infertile and more and more couples are unable to have a child because, in sperm terms, the male isn’t measuring up. It’s been suggested that twenty first century man is reproductively speaking, only half the man his grandfather was.

  • The Baby Chase

    Infertility is one of the last great taboos. A 21 year old woman ponders a future without children.

  • The Spiritual Journey

    People often feel a need to review their life and resolve issues that remain from What Elisabeth Kubler-Ross calls ‘unfinished business’.

  • The Viagra Generation

    The search for the perfect aphrodisiac and the desire to improve sexual performance and sexual pleasure are as old as time itself. The term aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite The Greek Goddess of sexual love and beauty.

  • Tough Choices

    Through very personal stories, Tough Choices raises the issues of the difficult decisions many parents must face.

  • Why Me

    The question everyone asks when confronted with infertility is “Why Me?” .

  • Women And AIDS

    One of the fastest growing rates of AIDS infection is among women.

  • Youth And Grief

    This video looks at the unexpected and unexplored feelings and experiences of young people involved in the nursing and then the death of a relative or close family member.