Documentaries - Family & Social Issues

  • 4WD: Danger On The Road

    4WD: Danger On The Road is a wakeup call about the dangers of the 4wd that await the unsuspecting motorist.

  • A Damned Good Job

    Directed by Pamela Meekings-Stewart, this powerful and moving docu-drama is a sensitive study that gives an extraordinary insight of how a child’s sexual abuse case is handled.

  • A Double Standard

    A Double Standard sets out to challenge and dismantle many of the stereotypes about sex workers and the sex industry.

  • A Drunken State

    From the host and makers of the highly successful documentaries ‘Gangs’ and ‘Asian Crime’, ‘A Drunken State' will be Pam Corkery’s in-depth investigation into alcohol addiction and the alcohol industry, told through the eyes of one who knows it like a close friend.

  • All About Eve

    This is the story of Eve Van Grafthorst. Born three months premature, Eve contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion given to save her life.

  • Asleep At The Wheel

    Asleep at the wheel is an investigative documentary that reveals just how serious a problem driver fatigue is and what we can do about it on an individual level and as a country.

  • Behind Closed Doors: The Family Court

    For the first time, cameras were allowed behind closed doors to reveal the workings of this informal court from the perspective of a dynamic judge.

  • Call Boys

    Call Boys takes us into the little known world of male escorts and gives us a revealing insight into this industry of men who serve women.

  • Crowded House

    Moving out of home, away from Mum and Dad used to be a signal to the world that you had become an adult. But staying on with the folks or returning to the nest is now a growing trend in Western Countries.

  • Easy Money

    A five minute stroll in South Auckland, New Zealand, down ‘money lending row’ will take you past at least ten businesses wanting to give you cold, hard cash.

  • Fame

    Fame is a documentary that explores the rewards and costs of life in the public eye.

  • Family Confidential

    Family Confidential is a magazine-style series discussing family issues with particular focus on parenting challenges and skills.

  • Gangs

    Few New Zealanders understand gangs like the Mongrel Mob and Black Power who operate in their own backyard. In fact they know more about how the Mafia operates. Despite over forty years of police investigation, pursuit and justice gangs are still a major criminal force in the country.

  • Girl Talk

    Girl Talk is an insightful, entertaining and truthful look at the emotional lives of women, told not through interviews but through capturing discussions and exchanges between women in an extraordinary range of settings.

  • Going Bust

    Going Bust takes a look at bankruptcy from the inside.

  • It's Not A Game

    The bright lights and the happy music of pokie machines do not drown out the human harm these machines have caused hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

  • Kids: The Story Of A Teenage Pregnancy

    Kids is an intimate look at the changing lives of three teenage girls and their occasional partners as they go on a nine month journey through pregnancy into parenthood.

  • Learning The Hard Way

    Learning the Hard way is an investigative documentary that explores student concerns over the quality of some of the tertiary courses on offer in New Zealand.

  • More Obsessions

    Reading, watching television and gardening are high on the list of leisure time activities all over the world, but not all of us are that conventional…

  • Other People's Children

    Directed by Anna Cottrell, this documentary looks at one such New Zealand family and reveals the varied and often complex ways we bring up our children, the relationships in which they are unwittingly and often unwillingly a part.

  • Postcard from Afghanistan with Mike King

    Comedian Mike King, veteran of the New Zealand stand-up scene, ventures off the comedy circuit into the heart of war-torn Afghanistan

  • Prostitution – After The Act

    The architects of the New Zealand Prostitutes Reform Act (PRA) predicted a sex industry where ‘mac brothel’ type parlours, offering good working conditions and quality service, become the norm. This vision is not on track.

  • Small Poppies

    This documentary examines what it means to be born with special talent.

  • Speed Thrills

    Speed Thrills is a one-hour documentary that seeks to unravel our cultural fixation with risk and, in particular, speed.

  • Stand By Me

    Through the eyes of victim support, Stand By Me is a riveting insight into the pain and crisis caused by crime in New Zealand.

  • Teens Driving Parents Crazy

    In this programme people speak the unspeakable – that they wish their child had never been born.

  • The Human Animal

    The Human Animal looks closely at the signals we give and receive every day. We delve into body language and discover the miracle of a makeover.

  • The In-Laws

    The In-Laws is a documentary exploring the hapless, hopeless and sometimes humorous world surrounding the complex and universally challenging relationship accompanying marriage.

  • The Nineties

    The Nineties looks back at the lives of seven New Zealand women who have lived through many of the changes of the past century.

  • The School Ball

    The ball is a formal occasion, an excuse to dress up and have a big party. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and sex are all on the cards.

  • The Street Is My Home

    The Street Is My Home is an uncompromising look inside the subculture of homeless people.

  • The Truth About Asian Crime

    In New Zealand the statistics show that not only is Asian crime becoming more frequent, the severity and scale of the crimes is also growing – we are seeing more and more cases of massive drug importation, murder, kidnapping and extortion amongst the Asian community.

  • Under The Carpet

    The unwillingness of both the Indian community and the police to label an attack ‘racist’ means many attacks go unnoticed or unconnected. Effectively sweeping the problem Under The Carpet.