Aunty Moves In

Imagine a series that speaks directly to families about good parenting, nutrition, financial matters, traditional values and wider family connection – a series that takes families under its wing and offers straight up, simple, valuable advice while dispensing it via an entertaining television format.

Aunty Moves In is just that show – a no-nonsense and informative television series offering real advice and real solutions to real problems while packaging it all into a watchable and highly entertaining half hour!

Meet our Aunties, two staunch, proud Mäori women each with a large family of their own and great respect in the community. Our Aunties are women who tell it like it is and are capable of dispensing the relevant advice in some situations and a good kick in the pants in others.

Executive Producer Vincent Burke, Laurie Clarke
Producer Rhonda Kite
Duration 13 x 30'
Rights Top Shelf Productions Limited

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