Cool Kids Cooking

Children are bombarded with cheap, unhealthy food the packaging of which often includes a toy… some grow up not knowing a zucchini from a carrot. “we’re changing all that” says Chef Marco Kouch who in 2002 established Cool Kids Cooking as an after-school activity program teaching young children important kitchen skills and simple fun recipes they can cook themselves.

Fast forward a few years and Cool Kids Cooking – the TV series now offers 78 entertaining, funny and colourful seven minute episodes.

Cool Kids Cooking promotes nutritious and healthy cooking and inspires kids to take up the craft at home. Kids love to cook, and in the series it’s a very hands-on approach. Marco Kouch plays the role of Head Chef to protégé T.K. Tuhaka who in each episode teaches a group of children two nutritious, quick and tasty recipes they can make themselves. The Cool Kids Cookbook based on the series was released in late 2007.

Producer Brian Holland
Executive Producers Vincent Burke, Laurie Clarke
Duration 78 × 7’

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