Few New Zealanders understand gangs like the Mongrel Mob and Black Power who operate in their own backyard. In fact they know more about how the Mafia operates. Despite over forty years of police investigation, pursuit and justice gangs are still a major criminal force in the country. They are among the biggest players in drug cultivation, manufacture and selling, they actively use stand over tactics against businesses, they run protection rackets inside many of our prisons and they are involved in rape, violence, theft and murder.

So if the power of the gangs isn’t diminishing maybe the heavy handed approach doesn’t work. Maybe a different approach is needed. Maybe New Zealand needs to wake up to the social environments that breed gang members and look at what it is about gangs that appeals to the young and the criminal.

After months of groundwork, reformed-politician, radio host and journalist Pam Corkery has secured access to the inner sanctum of Auckland’s gang world – the seven gangs that control most of the crime happening in New Zealand’s largest city.

Director/Producer Laurie Clarke
Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 2 x 45'
Rights Verve Entertainment

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