Road Madness

“Some of it’s hard to believe, some of its laughable…and some just plain crazy” …. the opening words to Road Madness and the best way to sum up this new show on TV3.

Hosted by comedian, marriage celebrant, one-time councilor and long time Westie Ewen Gilmour, Road Madness uses footage collected from cameras mounted in the cabs of trucks and on poles at trouble spots around the country to reveal some of the crazy and frightening driving happening on our roads every day and every night.

Ewen’s a self-confessed petrol head, owning two cars and five motorbikes, including a much-prized Triumph Bonneville; he once worked as a car wrecker and radiator repairman and has a trade certificate in auto parts.  He drives more than fifty thousand k’s a year doing gigs around the country. So you’d think Ewen would be somewhat hardened to seeing and hearing stories of bad driving but even he’s surprised by the driving he sees on Road Madness - “I can’t get over the risks people take – overtaking in dangerous places, speeding, asleep at the wheel – it’s mad, mad, mad!”

Like the foreign tourists here for a campervan holiday who overtake a line of four trucks on a blind bend; the local bus drivers who run red lights; the cyclists who hitch a ride by a hanging onto a high speed vehicle; or the drivers who take on the barriers at level crossings - the Road Madness cameras capture the behaviour behind our road crash statistics. “In fact, it makes you wonder why there aren’t more people dying on our roads when you see the lunacy of some drivers” says Ewen.

But it’s not just confined to New Zealand - over the course of the Road Madness series viewers will witness bad driving footage from countries like Australia and the United States. And the footage isn’t always about bad driving, like the day of the Christchurch quake when the massive jolt activated the cameras in parked trucks - we see their drivers running for cover and the trucks close to toppling over with the force of the movement.

Each week viewers will have the opportunity to win their own camera and to have it mounted in their vehicle and to become a contributor to Road Madness.

Executive Producers Laurie Clarke / Vincent Burke
Producer Laurie Clarke
Director Simon Roy