A Drunken State

Alcohol is the most widely consumed drug in this country, a ‘socially acceptable’ drug which causes incredible harm; from people battling alcoholism to the effect it has on families and friends to the victims of drunken violence and intoxicated drivers, to the burden on the health system and social welfare, the impact of alcohol is far reaching and doesn’t look like abating.

But for all that carnage very little is being done to change the way New Zealanders think about alcohol.
From the host and makers of the highly successful documentaries ‘Gangs’ and ‘Asian Crime’, ‘A Drunken State'’ will be Pam Corkery’s in-depth investigation into alcohol addiction and the alcohol industry, told through the eyes of one who knows it like a close friend.

Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Producer Laurie Clarke
Duration 1 x 44'
Rights Top Shelf Productions Limited

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