A Mad Business

A recent worldwide study of new businesses shows that New Zealand is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world but it also has one of the world’s highest failure rates among new and developing businesses.

Bring on A Mad Business.

In this series of six one hour shows, struggling Kiwi companies are thrown a life raft in the form of straight-talking, no-holds-barred sausage tycoon Peter Leitch (aka ‘The Mad Butcher’) and his trusty CEO, Mike Morton. Together they run a multimillion dollar business empire of 35 Mad Butcher shops around New Zealand.This dynamic duo tackle problems and issues currently holding a wide range of businesses back. Whether it’s franchising a successful business, growing a new business or preventing a current business going off the rails, Mike and Peter are there to offer top-notch, straight-shooting, no-nonsense business advice.
A Mad Business isn’t just another dry business show and Mike and Peter aren’t your typical high flying businessmen. With business bylines such as ‘get your head out of your arse’ and ‘you’ve gotta put your balls in the vice’, their approach to business is like a boxer in the ring. Which is the way it should be – it’s a tough world out there, in business – something Peter and Mike never let you forget.
A Mad Business is a business programme with the common touch – information and humour and drama all packaged into a show that will appeal to business owners, business dreamers and to viewers simply wanting an hour of entertaining TV.

Producer Belinda McLeod
Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 6 x 45'
Distributor Beyond International
Contact www.beyond.com.au