Austism Life Among Strangers

Autism: Life Among Strangers is a documentary that looks at this little understood and rapidly increasing disability. The Henderson family’s youngest child has autism. Dale Henderson acted like any other child until he was about 18 months old. Then he began a slow withdrawal into himself. He stopped interacting and started to do bizarre things.

It was another few years of trekking around doctors and specialists before dale was diagnosed with autism. This moving documentary features three adults with Aspergers Syndrome, a milder form of autism. One of these people is jen, who discovered she was autistic at the age of 42. She went to a lecture on Aspergers Syndrome and was amazed to hear herself being described. We also meet Temple Grandin, who is the subject of Oliver Sak’s famous essay “an anthropologist on mars’. Incredibly, Grandin has overcome her disability and now leads a satisfying life.

Director Sue Younger
Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 1 x 43'
Rights Network Ireland TV

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