Cook the Books

We love cookbooks. We collect them, we paw through them and get inspired by what we find in them as we plan that next family meal or special occasion.

New Zealanders love spending money on cookbooks! We continue to buy more and more cookbooks packed with recipes we’d love to try sometime.

Recent tough times in New Zealand have seen sales of general books falter — but not cookbooks. If people aren’t eating out so much they’re eating in and for most a little inspiration is worth spending money on.

Cook the Books is a series that celebrates cooking with cookbooks. Hosted by broadcaster, foodie and cookbook fan Carly Flynn, the series is a chance to meet New Zealand’s own celebrity chefs, writers and culinary stars and to have a weekly look at current and popular cookbooks on the market.

Producer Laurie Clarke
Producer Juanita Edwards
Director Laurie Clarke
Duration 8 x 30min