David Tua - A Local Hero

David Tua has been one of the top five contenders for the World Heavyweight title. At age 25, he had become one of the foremost heavyweight boxers in the world. David Tua: A Local Hero tells the story of this Samoan New Zealander who is a sporting champion and role model for many of the young people in Samoa and New Zealand, where he lives with his extended family.

This is the story of the man between the fights, the man trying to make a comeback from injury and defeat to prepare for future fights in the tough world of American professional boxing. Slick management and a knock-out punch elevated him to where he was in 1998 – ranked in the world top ten heavyweights by all four world boxing authorities. Tua never walks alone into the ring. He understands that his success or failure is shared by his extended family. This documentary is as much about a tough, loving family life in which he learned how to hit and be hit, as it is about a competitor in the most individual of contests.

Director Alan D’Arcy Erson
Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 1 x 43'
Distributor Top Shelf Productions Limited

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