Dream Jobs

Dream Jobs is a thirteen part documentary series about the search for a New Zealander with the best job in the world. It’s not just about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, it is about job satisfaction. Why is it the best job in the world and what did it take to get it? Dream Jobs covers the gamut of careers from fighter pilots to chocolate designers.

The series includes Steve Williams, caddy to Tiger Woods. A one time butcher’s assistant and high school drop out, Steve is recognised as the best caddy in the world and earns more money on the green than any top golfer in New Zealand – without even competing!   We also meet an animal wrangler who turns her passion for animals into professionally training them for commercials, films and television series and an industrial abseiler who scales buildings at extreme heights to paint or clean them.

Dream Jobs includes a special feature – the fantasy job. In this segment we meet people like 25 year old Kazel who is a horticulturist by day and a belly dancer by night. Dream Jobs checks out ordinary New Zealanders with extraordinary jobs.

By design or good fortune, Kiwis from all walks of life have found or created what they believe to be the best jobs in the world.

Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 13 x 23'
Distributor Top Shelf Productions Limited

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