Family Confidential

Family Confidential is a magazine-style series discussing family issues with particular focus on parenting challenges and skills. Two-parent families are now less common and the number of parents working outside the home is increasing. Many children live in solo-parent or reconstituted families, with all the additional stresses and costs involved. The role of the grandparents, the extended family and the community in helping raise children is disappearing. Consequently many parents feel overwhelmed by the demands and pressures of parenting. They often feel the stakes have never been higher and the support has never been less.

This series aims to fill an information gap and to assure parents by offering explanations, options and alternatives. Its content includes medical, nutritional, educational and consumer information presented in an up beat, entertaining style. Family Confidential includes families of many cultures and compositions.

Presented by family psychologist Sara Chatwin.

Producer Mary Phillips
Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 13 x 23'
Distributor Top Shelf Productions Limited
Distributor David Finch & Associates

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