Food To Die For

Food poisoning is rife in New Zealand – 119,000 people experienced the debilitating effects in 2001 alone. Wellington, the capital city, has the dubious distinction of being the campylobacter capital of the developed world. In this target special the team gets to the bottom of the food poisoning epidemic.

  • We see the bugs that do the damage
  • We follow a food inspector as she visits regular offenders
  • We see filthy kitchens and storage area
From the victims we bring to the viewers horrifying food poisoning stories not usually heard. We also conduct an experiment that illustrates how bacteria can be transmitted easily by poorly washed hands, and talk with experts about what can be done to prevent food poisoning.

Director Jill Graham
Producer Laurie Clarke
Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 1 x 45'
Rights Top Shelf Productions Limited

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