House Trap

An increasing number of the middle class in developed countries see property and houses in particular, as a way to becoming rich, a way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars profit, tax free – you don’t need a university education, just a degree in common sense. We all know or have heard of someone who’s made a fortune selling houses. It is tantalizingly within reach of many of us and therein lies the problem – most of us buy a house thinking it’s a simple matter to turn that investment into a profit. Most of us fall into the House Trap.

This series includes four commercial one hour documentaries that shed light on what we believe is a potentially destructive trend in property marketing and ownership that needs to be addressed.
Episodes: Series One
  • How to Profit From Property
  • Buying In Paradise
  • 10 Things You Need To Know To Sell Your Home
  • A Do Up Will Do You In

Producer Laurie Clarke
Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration Series 1 4 x 44'
Duration Series 2 4 x 44'
Distributor Network Ireland TV