The Players is the first of a two part series that looks at people who regularly cheat on their partners.  The Players talks to people who have affairs as they reveal their motivation, reationalisation and modus operandi.  We also talk to people in industries on the periphery of these activities (hoteliers, jewellers, florists, restaurateurs etc) about the business  clandestine affairs bring to them and how they recognise people in them.

The Betrayed
is the second part of the documentary on infidelity. This part looks at the cost of the affair – the effect on the immediate relationships, especially the betrayed partner, and the consequences for the family.

This documentary contains emotionally searing interviews with both partners – the betrayed and the betrayer – and reveals the damage that cheating can cause.

Director Monique Oomen
Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 2 x 45'
Distributor Top Shelf Productions Limited

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