Media Take

Media Take is a bi-cultural, weekly,issues-driven programme which concentrates on exploring one, two or occasionally three topics of interest to media consumers

Media Take aims to provoke its audience to look critically, at the ways that main stream media, advertising, movies, art, literature and popular new media and on-line developments manipulate and determine cultural perceptions and public appreciation of political, social and cultural issues.

The programme is recorded "as live" before a studio audience in Auckland and is co-hosted by Russell Brown and Toi Iti.

Russell Brown is a veteran journalist, blogger and media and social commentator.

Toi Iti is a Maori actor, writer, social commentator who brings a youthful focus and sharp observational and satirical edge to his work on the programme.

Toi and Russell tend to ad lib and improvise their studio interactions with each other.

This gives Media Take a degree of humour and spontaniety which is much appreciated by our live, broadcast and on-line audiences.

The show us broadcast on Tuesday nights after Maori Television's Festival Documentary. It is available on demand and maintains a lively presence on Facebook and twitter.