More Flatmates

This series, following on the heels of Flatmates follows the dramas of a new group of twenty-somethings who have agreed to be caught on film by a live-in cameraman. This time around however the flatmates are filmed for nine months. The series documents the highs and lows of sharing a house with five other people and goes into the intimate details of the lives of the flatmates. Craig the cameraman returns for this series and captures the following personalities:

  • Jess – the chief flat warrior, a smart manipulator who has no qualms about ripping off the government, finance companies or her employer.
  • Liz – who feels isolated early on because she’s Maori but finds when she is joined in the flat by someone from a similar background, that it doesn’t make as much of an improvement as she thought it would.
  • Karina – a keen bodybuilder with a chequered past.
  • Ross – is gay and breaks the news to his parents over the internet.
  • Shaun – is a Christian, a virgin engaged to be married, strong on faith but weak on worldliness.
  • Andrew – from South Africa, is still trying to find himself in New Zealand.

Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 13 x 23'
Distributor Top Shelf Productions Limited

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