Nailed Sorted Exposed

Dodgy tradesmen, shonky products, rip-offs, finance company shams, unfair employment dismissals and unreasonable retail practices surround us in everyday life. And they piss us off! Especially when people or companies who excel in bad service or behaviour are seemingly allowed to continue happily along their dodgy ways without consequence. Well life’s too short for this crap!

Nailed, Sorted, Exposed is a show that empowers aggrieved consumers to fight back, take charge and take on those unfair players who make a living out of bad business practises or are simply inadequate at providing good professional service. With the help of consumer affairs advocates and lawyers, our show will provide our underdogs with tricks and tips but most importantly, the facts under the law to help them sort out the matter – right on national television.

Director Caroline Johnstone
Producer Phil Wallington
Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 10 x 24'
Distributor Top Shelf Productions Limited

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