Postcard from Afghanistan with Mike King

Comedian Mike King, veteran of the New Zealand stand-up scene, ventures off the comedy circuit into the heart of war-torn Afghanistan.

His mission is to entertain the Kiwi troops stationed in the various regions. While playing morale-raising gigs to the troops, Mike is also confronted with the realties of the war in this eye-opening journey through the New Zealand contribution to the American- lead action known as Operation Enduring Freedom.

Mike's interaction with colourful locals and his up-close and personal encounters with Kiwi and American troops are at times both comical and bizarre. He witnesses a Santa Parade at Bagram Airbase where US soldiers dress up as elves and reindeer in body armour and rocket launchers, and visits the site of a Russian tank graveyard where things unexpectedly start coming to life. Mike chats with US fighter pilots displaying their F15 fighter jets, is instructed in the art of identifying hidden booby-traps, or IEDs', devastating weapons that kill more combat soldiers than gunfire.

It's a journey like no other as Mike weighs up the contributions of the New Zealand forces in this difficult and dangerous deployment, a mission sometimes painted as a pointless exercise in a far-off land. But Mike is struck by the dedication of Kiwi forces far from home in a small patch of Kiwi soil that lies in the shadow of war. In the ruined capital, Kabul, Mike comes across the old bombed-out palace belonging to the former Afghan Queen, and sitting on the 'royal throne' he reflects on the decades of war this nation has endured.

But before Mike has completed his 'tour of duty' he is himself right in the firing line when a dangerous situation during a comedy set brings the laughs to a dramatic halt.

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