Strange Vehicle Games

Full Metal Challenge, Scrapheap Challenge and Junkyard Wars; these tournament style games are the Olympics of automotive engineering and mechanical combat. Teams from all over the world design and build monster machines capable of incredible feats of endurance and speed as they must out-smart and out-manoeuvre their competition, all hungry for victory. In August of 2002, Trevor, Steve and Kent decided to put their lawnmower sales and repair business on the world stage. They formed a team, won New Zealand selection and travelled to England where they competed with 27 other international teams in the Full Metal Challenge. They had to build, in less than 30 days and with a budget of two thousand pounds, an all terrain vehicle.

This documentary follows Trevor and his team as they design and build their machine that they have successfully entered into the 2004 Strange Vehicle Games in China. We see these ultimate DIY’ers working late at night in their farm shed, sweating over the design and struggling to get parts. We follow them to China where they have limited time, a tight budget and are up against some tough opponents. Is their ingenuity all it’s cracked up to be? Can three Kiwis design and build a machine that can beat teams from all over the world?

Director Laurie Clarke
Producer Belinda McLeod
Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration 1 x 44'
Distributor Top Shelf Productions Limited

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