Survivor Files

The Survivor Files tells inspirational stories of people surviving horrific injuries. Each story has a strong focus on science – using sophisticated graphics and clear and concise commentary from experts – we look at the science behind the injury i.e. what caused it and why. We explore the medical science of the treatment and recovery process i.e. what happens to a human body when it sustains a particular injury, the healing processes that take place and the medical procedures that can be used to aid this process.

In each programme we follow one case. The personal story of recovery is blended with footage of the accident (where it exists), graphics of and stylised reconstructions of what occurred, medical footage like x-rays and records operations and sophisticated graphical representations of the injury and treatment. The specialists, doctors and physiotherapists lead us through the science of the treatment process, and the victims talk us through what they were experiencing, their pain, hopes and fears.

Producer Rachel Antony
Executive Producer Vincent Burke, Laurie Clarke
Duration 10 x 23'
Distributor 10 x 23'

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