Swimming Lessons

Swimming coach, Jim Sadler works hard to maintain his pool, quiet life and empty marriage.

He’s spent 25 years looking for someone he can turn into a champion and now he’s finally found that person. But the kid’s a tough customer, pressure on Jim mounts as his family and his job threaten to crumble around him. Then he makes a horrifying discovery about the world his young pupil comes from and realises for the first time in his life he must follow his heart, wherever it may lead.

Swimming Lessons is the story of how an ordinary man is forced to confront his sense of failure and how, revived by the love of a child, he can once again dream an extraordinary dream. Starring Marshall Napier.

Director Steve La Hood
Producer Jan Hayes
Executive Producer Caterina De Nave
Duration 1 x 53'
Format Super 16mm / Beta SP / Digi Beta
Distributor New Zealand Film Commission
Contact www.nzfilm.co.nz

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