The Filth Files

It’s a dirty world we live in where creepy crawlies and vermin spread filth, disease and even death.

People are messy creatures too, leaving a trail of discarded rubbish, dead cars and industrial waste for future generations to clean-up.  Their pets often roam at large fouling parks, footpaths and beaches. Some of them are savage and pose a threat to safety.
Attacking the problems of our soiled and sullied planet is a small and dedicated band of grime fighters, pest controllers, pollution control experts and animal rangers.
They lift the covers on the ugly underside of human existence and they’re out there working to make this mucky world a better place.

Executive Producer Vincent Burke
Duration Series 1 7 x 23'
Duration Series 2 13 x 23'
Duration Series 3 13 x 23'
Distributor Beyond International

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