The Nutters Club

At The Nutters Club mental illness is no longer a taboo subject. It’s a place for open discussion - people sharing their stories, thoughts and experiences, looking for help, seeking understanding, discovering like minded people and even having a good laugh. And now The Nutters Club is coming to television. The format is simple. Mike King, mental illness sufferer and recovering drug, alcohol and nicotine addict (1000 plus days clean) hosts a filmed talkback radio show with resident expert, psychiatrist David Codyre and a celebrity guest with a mental illness related story. Think Larry King live for the mentally ill.
The Nutters Club is a nationwide live radio talkback show broadcast on Sunday nights. The programme fearlessly deals with the issues surrounding mental illness and related issues such as addiction, presenting them in a fresh, spontaneous and entertaining format. Hosted by comedian Mike King the show has become an instant phenomenon and is attracting people in droves.

Executive Producer Vincent Burke, Laurie Clarke
Producer Brian Holland
Duration 15 x 26' / 20 x 26
Rights Top Shelf Productions Limited