Documentaries - History

  • Ken Douglas - Traitor Or Visionary

    Ken Douglas recently received New Zealand’s highest honour – Membership Of The Order Of New Zealand, and an honorary Doctor Of Law Degree from Victoria University.

  • Marathon A Hero's Journey

    This film goes back to the origins of the myth and unravels truth from legend in the land that gave the world its greatest race and political state, Greece.

  • Saving Face

    Harold Gillies, Henry Pickerill and Archibald McIndoe were the giants of early plastic surgery – three Kiwis who rebuilt the shattered faces and lives of the War wounded who arrived at their hospital wards in droves.

  • The Truth About The Tangiwai Rail Disaster

    On Christmas eve 1953, the crater lake on the largest of these volcanoes burst its banks sending a lahar down the mountain and into the path of a passenger express train carrying 285 people to their families for Christmas.

  • Wahine - The Untold Story

    On 10 April 1968, the New Zealand inter-island ferry Wahine sank in Wellington harbour with 734 passengers and crew on board.