Documentaries - Arts, Music & Media

  • A Gallery Without Walls

    This TVNZ Artsville documentary tells the story of how this artistic venue came into being and also follows the creation and installation of a piece of sculpture into this unique landscape

  • As It Is - A Fragment

    Magical animals gallop through a forest, secret whispers surround a young girl, bodies fall and rise like the sea … these are a few of the brilliant fragments from As It Is.

  • Cinema Of Unease

    Internationally acclaimed actor Sam Neill makes a personal journey in 1995 through New Zealand cinematic history to celebrate a centenary of film in New Zealand.

  • Gloria

    Gloria is the creation of New Zealand’s foremost contemporary dancer and choreographer, Douglas Wright.

  • I Am A Dancer

    Now an internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Douglas Wright creates dances of great inspiration and beauty.

  • Lullaby

    New Zealand’s bet known choreographer, Mary Jane O’Reilly combines forces with director Rex Ellacott to create original interpretations of familiar nursery rhymes with disturbing erotic overtones.

  • Postscript

    Postscript explores the impact that key programmes from the Inside New Zealand 95-97 documentary series have had on the country, on different communities and on individuals.

  • Predicament - The Making of

    Jemaine Clement, Heath Franklin, Hayden Frost & Tim Finn star in PREDICAMENT the new gothic crime comedy from director Jason Stutter. Based on the novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson

  • Red Herring

    Mary Jane O’Reilly and director Rex Ellacott push the boundaries of dance and film to take a fresh look at life, women and fish in this quirky dance.

  • Th' Dudes - Right Second Time

    They started off as teenagers and weren't much older when they stopped. But in their five or so years together in the late 1970s, a college schoolboy band called Th’ Dudes grew up, gained fame and left their mark on Kiwi rock with two albums, a row of enduring singles and one drunken national anthem.

  • The Drag Kings

    The Drag Kings is an outrageous look inside the world of a group of lesbian and transgender entertainers. Hard working public servants by day, by night to them there’s nothing more fun that strapping on tools and taking to the stage with their riotous song and dance comedy review.

  • The Great Kiwi Magic Show

    Nine New Zealand magicians showcase their own particular brand of pacific magic in this entertainment special.

  • Tide

    Accomplished choreographer Michael Parmenter and director Monique Oomen have created a unique piece of dance film in Tide.

  • Velvet Dreams

    Velvet Dreams is a titillating introduction to the world of velvet painting, a genre most noted for its portraits of topless ‘dusky maidens’ painted on black velvet.

  • Weightless

    Passion, sensuality, dreams and despair are captured in a compelling solo performance by Michael Parmenter after an erotic encounter in an elevator.