Factual Series - Consumer Issues

  • AA Torque Show

    With a mix of car reviews, investigative pieces, events and a whole lot of burnt rubber, Rev-heads and everyday drivers alike can be guaranteed The AA Torque Show will provide them with the petrol fix they need. Lada’s, Lamborghini’s and everything in between.

  • Busted

    Busted is an eleven part factual series examining the worldwide epidemic of car theft in a practical and pro-active way. Car thieves are covertly filmed and tracked with the assistance of the police.

  • Get Growing

    Whether it’s the joy of growing your own produce or the satisfaction of serving it fresh at the table, Get Growing inspires viewers to pick up a spade, some seeds and a few bags of dirt and get gardening!

  • House Trap

    We all know or have heard of someone who’s made a fortune selling houses. It is tantalizingly within reach of many of us and therein lies the problem – most of us buy a house thinking it’s a simple matter to turn that investment into a profit. Most of us fall into the House Trap.

  • Inspectors

    The Inspectors returns in 2009 and once more we meet the dedicated Kiwis who are on the front line, amongst the grease, grime and greeblies found in our nation’s cafés, restaurants and fast food outlets; protecting us from bacteria, bugs, rats and all manner of toxic substances.

  • Is it Safe to Eat?

    We all understand that what we eat affects our health and at every turn we are confronted with major threats – ‘Chicken Flu’ and ‘Mad Cow Disease’ – or controversy, chemicals injected into and sprayed onto our food, or ‘GM’. Questions about food hang over us constantly. “Should we go organic?” “Are we feeding our children substances that will harm or even kill them in the long term?”

  • Media3

    A media review programme that gives kiwis the opportunity to see, behind the scenes, how the media works and why certain topics get coverage while others disappear under the radar.

  • Nailed Sorted Exposed

    Nailed, Sorted, Exposed is a show that empowers aggrieved consumers to fight back, take charge and take on those unfair players who make a living out of bad business practises or are simply inadequate at providing good professional service.

  • Road Madness 2

    Do you own exciting and original footage of the bad driving and madness on our roads? Do you think it will make a great addition to our show? If you do then contact us at roadmadness@top-shelf.co.nz , and if your footage makes it to air we’ll have an extra reward sent to you for your efforts.

  • Target

    Target is a half-hour programme alerting consumers to questionable work practices and providing first rate advice on which products to buy.

  • The Filth Files

    Attacking the problems of our soiled and sullied planet is a small and dedicated band of grime fighters, pest controllers, pollution control experts and animal rangers. They lift the covers on the ugly underside of human existence and they’re out there working to make this mucky world a better place.

  • What's Really in Our Food?

    Do you know what soy lecithin, aspartame and sodium benzoate are? Unless you have a chemistry degree, the ingredient list is another language altogether. Additives and processed foods have radically changed the quality of our food, making it nutritionally cheap.