Factual Series - Family & Social Issues

  • Aunty Moves In

    Imagine a series that speaks directly to families about good parenting, nutrition, financial matters, traditional values and wider family connection – a series that takes families under its wing and offers straight up, simple, valuable advice while dispensing it via an entertaining television format.

  • Blokes

    Presented by comedian Mike King, Blokes is a six part series exploring the contradictions and realities facing men today and a guide to social survival in the dawn of the 21st century. We talk to real men about the issues that concern them – or not.

  • Family Feuds

    Family Feuds follows different dysfunctional Kiwi families as they seek life coach and communications expert Alia Simpson's help to resolve a range of familial conflicts.

  • Flatmates

    What happens when six young people are thrown together in shared accommodation for a three month period? What happens when every minute of their day-to-day lives is captured on camera?

  • From Spirit to Spirit

    From Spirit To Spirit is a series of half hour documentaries celebrating indigenous culture, articulated by the people themselves.

  • Infidelity

    Infidelity is a two part documentary looking at the players and betrayers in Infidelity.

  • Media Take

    Media Take is a bi-cultural, weekly,issues-driven programme which concentrates on exploring one, two or occasionally three topics of interest to media consumers

  • More Flatmates

    This series, following on the heels of Flatmates follows the dramas of a new group of twenty-somethings who have agreed to be caught on film by a live-in cameraman. This time around however the flatmates are filmed for nine months.

  • Road Madness

    “Some of it’s hard to believe, some of its laughable…and some just plain crazy” …. the opening words to Road Madness and the best way to sum up this new show on TV3.