Drama & Comedy

  • Dirty Creature

    The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred as a young girl and her mangy mutt ‘Monster’ embark on a wild day of adventure. Captured trying to steal a small golden statue from the garden of a grumpy old man, rescue for little Daphne comes in the form of a violent and unexpected twist of the imagination.

  • Flight of the Albatross

    As a young pair begin to experience the fears and joys of first love they are plunged into a mysterious life and death adventure. Directed by Werner Meyer (The Children of No 67), Flight of the Albatross is a haunting love story.

  • Gordon Bennett

    Cosgrove, his wife Christine and their mate Murphy run a small concrete laying company. Business is not great but they make do until one day Gordon Bennett comes to stay and, to their horror, they discover he wants to work for them.

  • Predicament

    Jemaine Clement, Heath Franklin, Hayden Frost & Tim Finn star in PREDICAMENT the new gothic crime comedy from director Jason Stutter. Based on the novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson

  • Swimming Lessons

    Swimming Lessons is the story of how an ordinary man is forced to confront his sense of failure and how, revived by the love of a child, he can once again dream an extraordinary dream. Starring Marshall Napier.